antenna-montSeveral bridges in Newport Harbor are great for the Tiara, Grady White and the Duffy, but not all. Some bridges cannot safely navigated under any conditions, while other bridges require some advance preparation to navigate under safely. With 7 islands—and therefore bridges—in the harbor to cruise around, let’s go over the steps to pass below without damage.

First, check the tides and ensure you have ample water below the bridge. Most bridges are dredged for all conditions, however we do have occasional extreme low tides which can cause the navigable course under the bridge to narrow. At extreme high tides, a bridge you once went under may be impassable (such as Newport Blvd. bridge to Newport Island). Also consider if you’re “in” you may not get out of a waterway if the tide has changed during your stay.

Next, do you have vertical clearance above? Make it part of your checklist to put the antenna down under every bridge (with exception of the Coast Highway bridge), and return the anteanna to its normal position once cleared. It’s easy to lower the antennae on the yachts with a twist of the cam-lock quick release on the antenna mount(s). The ratcheting action makes it easy to return the antenna to its correct, upright position.

If you are not clear has to which bridges are safe and which bridges can cause a danger to vessel or crew, please contact our P.Y.C. Staff for assistance.