Southern California’s climate and lifestyle allow members to enjoy boating all year around. PYC is constantly looking for unique and popular ways you can experience fun on the water. Boating brings people together to enjoy cruising, watersports, fishing, and a wide array of other enjoyments. It can be a shared hobby, mutual passion, and life-long adventure. Leave a comment about your favorite destinations, restaurants and activities, and try some of these:

Plan a Dinner or Cocktail Cruise

Few things are more pleasurable than dining aboard a boat while cruising the harbor or coastline. Whether you bring your coffee and doughnuts to watch the sunrise, pack a picnic lunch, wine and cheese to watch the sunset, or make dinner reservations on the waterfront, your appetite for life is enhanced on the water. See our list of dine and dock restaurants, and share yours with us.

Whale watching, dolphin chasing, or just a lap around the bell buoy and sea lions.

Whale watching, dolphin chasing, or just a lap around the bell buoy for napping sea lions.

Enjoy a Nature Cruise

Experience nature’s wonders from the deck of a boat. See the creatures that live above, alongside, and beneath the water. Watching dolphins, whales, seals, or schools of fish from a boat offers a new perspective on Pacific Ocean life.

Take a Boating Vacation

Imagine yourself and loved ones on a fully-equipped powerboat tasting the salt air, a cool breeze tussling your hair, and Catalina Island in your sights. Perhaps San Diego, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Ventura are your ports of call. A few days at sea practically guarantee relaxation and comraderie. Even a grilled sandwich seems to taste better onboard a boat. Whether you drop anchor or tie up dockside at a waterfront resort, boating is an exciting and easy way to explore California’s unique and expansive coastline communities.

Have A Party Afloat

Your events are made more memorable when held against a backdrop of the open water or passing shoreline. Birthday celebrations, retirement parties, business get-togethers, and neighborhood gatherings won’t soon be forgotten. Ingredients for an exceptional party include food, drink, music and people your care about. Games of naming the boat, celebrity home, or wildlife engage guests. Scavenger hunts or name that star in the sky generate stimulating conversation.

Become a Nautical Chef

Some people make dining afloat an integral part of their boating experience. Like tailgaters at a football game, nautical chefs swap recipes, specialty cook books, where to catch local fish, and locations of seafood markets.

Romance Is In The Air

The romance of the sea make a boat the perfect venue for asking your significant other the life-changing question. Enjoying the water and the diversity of related activities can be something that spouses discover together as they travel to new as well as favorite places, making friends and memories.