Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the costs associated with the membership?

  • moneyInitiation Fee: $2,900.00 – $7,900.00
  • Monthly Fee: $290.00 – $790.00
  • Minimum 1 year

Besides initiation and monthly costs, what other expenses are there?

  • gearFuel
  • If additional cleaning is required a $100 fee will be assessed.
  • Water toys will be available for additional rental fees

Do you require experience to join?

deniedNo experience is required. However, members must be at least 25 years of age and willing to complete approved training courses successfully.

What will it take to get me on the water? What type? How long does it take?

  1. All members are required to take and pass a Safe Powerboat Handling Class (6 hours)powerintro plus 4 hours of PYC on-the-water training —OR— Be checked and approved by PYC staff.
  2. PYC Certification Program ensures all members are capable of caring for the vessel.

Training not required for Duffy boats.

What if I am unable to satisfactorily complete the boat handling and safety instruction requirements?

Five hundred ($500) dollars of your initial membership is non-refundable for the hands-on safety instruction. You may reapply for membership at any time when you feel that you can satisfactorily complete the boat handling and safety instruction. 

How many people are allowed to use my membership?

contacts One other person over age 25 may be designated by Member as an Alternate User, provided he or she completes a membership application and meets the training requirements. The Alternate User must pay $500 for his/her training. Alternate Users may participate in all PYC functions and activities, but all charges, costs, and expenses remain Member’s responsibility. All boat usage by Alternate Members is credited against Member’s account. 

How many people can I take aboard the boat?

 contacts Each boat has capacity and operational limits, which must be observed.

Is my membership transferrable? Can I sell my membership?

calculator Yes. A $2,500 transfer fee will apply. You also may transfer your membership to your spouse, an adult child over the age of 25, or an Alternate Member (who has been on your membership account for at least three months) after payment of a $500 transfer fee. Any transferee must otherwise meet the requirements for membership, including payment of the $500 training fee. 

Can my family use the boat when I am not present?

A member or approved Alternate Member must be onboard and responsible for the boat at all times. 

What happens to my membership if something happens to me?

You can transfer your membership for a membership transfer fee.

How often am I allowed to use the boats?

  • calendarAll boat useage will be based on four (4) hour time blocks
  • Members may reserve (60) four hr time blocks
  • Members may use the fleet on a space available basis (20) four hour blocks

What does space available mean?

If a boat is not reserved 48 hours out you may reserve it.

During what hours am I allowed to use the boats?

clockIn most cases, 8am-sunset, with extended hours during daylight savings time. Overnight trips are allowed subject to time block usage (applied during daylight hours). 

Where am I allowed to take the boats?

locationUp to 30 miles offshore, from Point Conception to the Mexican border. Other navigation limits may apply depending on conditions and circumstances. See Cruising Map

What type of boats do you have?

See our yacht fleet which will be expanded often.

Do you plan on updating the boats?

ribbonBoats will be updated every 3-5 years.

Can I trade dates / reservations with other members?

heartOf course, as long as we receive timely notice of the trade. 

Can I use my memberships at other locations?

We are in the process of adding additional locations. As they open you will be able to use your membership at all of them.

You’re a new company, what happens if you close?

We are a 22 year old company, however, if for whatever reason the location were to close we would refund your initiation fee on a prorated basis up to 3 years.

Are there any club events or activities?

trophyYes, we anticipate quarterly club activities.

What happens if there is an accident? Is Insurance included in my membership?

Insurance is included. However, each Member is responsible for any vessel damage up to the $2,500 deductible or any uninsured portion of a loss caused by the Member. All incidents are subject to the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of the applicable insurance. Under no circumstances will PYC be responsible for claims, occurrences or events while the Member has possession and control of the vessel.

If I don’t want to skipper the boat, do you have captains available?

Yes, we have Coast Guard licensed captains for hire for day, overnight, or extended trips. Separate charges will apply.

May I charge others to use the boat?

No. The vessel may only be used for non-commercial, recreational purposes.
These FAQs are intended for general information purposes only. The PYC Membership Application, Membership Agreement and Rules and Regulations shall govern in all events. No representations or warranties are expressed or implied by these FAQs.