Introducing PYC’s Tiara 35; “Encore”

It is with great excitement that we get to announce the purchase of our newest addition to the PYC fleet – Encore, a 35′ Tiara Open. She has twin Cummins diesel engines, which I know everyone will be excited about. In addition, the ample interior space makes it perfect for an overnight trip for four to Catalina and the spacious cockpit is great for enjoying some sun with family and friends while cruising up and down the coast. Encore arrived at our dock last week and while we would love to send you out today we are still in the process of outfitting it with everything to make your time on the vessel more enjoyable. We’re hoping to have it available to members in early November but we’ll keep you posted. As with any new vessel in our fleet, each member will need to go through on board training. We have group training dates scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 5 and Sunday, Nov. 20 at 10am, 12:30pm and 3:00pm. To sign up, please contact Kristin and she will get a date and time scheduled for... read more

Brats & Beers

PYC thanks all Members and your wonderful guests for a fun social gathering on the docks for the July 24th Brats & Beers down at the PYC dock. See you for the next big... read more

Thirsty Thursdays – May thru June

Join us for Thirsty Thursdays — a hosted wine & cheese open house, every Thursday night from 6pm to 7:30. Find out how affordable luxury yachting can really be with Pacific Yachting Club. read more

Member Testimonials

“After owning boats for more than a decade, we decided that costs, maintenance and downtime where major factors that were limiting us from enjoying the open waters. We realized that boat ownership is not as fun and cost effective when you have to do everything yourself. From buying a boat to maintenance, insurance, bottom cleaning and slip fees it was just too expensive and time-consuming.” “Our family began searching for an alternative that would allow us to save money and limit the time invested in maintaining the vessel. We looked at every option under the sun, and luckily found Pacific Yachting Club (PYC) in Newport Beach, CA. Ever since we made the commitment, we have never had more fun! The multiple boat options give us the option to experience different adventures. The boats are high quality and always maintained, and the staff is exceptional and dedicated to making our time on the water stress-free. Now we can enjoy a fleet of boats without the hassle and expense of owning our own. We highly recommend PYC and its fleet of boats and staff. The personalized service has been amazing! We are so glad we are part of the PYC family and recommend them highly to anyone considering boat ownership.” ~ Christian M., PYC Member “Easy, maintenance-free downside…[love that I can] just ‘show up, get on and go’ without the hassle and expense of owning your own boat.” ~ Justin P. – PYC Member “We really enjoy the convenience and the upscale nature of the fleet, especially the upgraded Duffy. Appreciate the flexible hours for entertainment purposes…able to cruise and dine without... read more

Tiara Times – Arial Video

Dear PYC, A friend of mine brought his drone out with us on the Tiara a few weeks ago.  He put together a little video of it.  I thought you’d like to see... read more

Three Boats?

Someone at the boat show asked “what am I going to do with three boats?” and we responded “EVERYTHING!” Weekends at Catalina in the Tiara 31 Express Cruiser, day-fishing or water sports in the Grady White 230, and elegant harbor cruising in the custom Duffy 21. PYC has it all for... read more

3 Year Cost of Ownership

Let’s do some math. When we take the real costs of owning a boat and put it into a spreadsheet next to the cost of PYC Membership, there’s really no comparison. Here, we’ve taken a conservative look at owning a 35′ yacht in Newport Harbor vs. PYC Membership, and it’s blown their ships out of the water. What’s even more impressive, is that these figures are for only one boat, and as a PYC Member, you get three to choose from for the price of one. 3 Year Cost of Owning a Boat Slip Rental– Newport Beach (35’ x $30/ft) Insurance P & L and Hull  ($150,000 x .05) Property Tax ($150,000 x 1% = $1500) Maintenance 5% a year estimate Yacht Wash down & Cleaning Bottom Cleaning Payments ($100,000 loan @ 3% for 10 years) Totals Total Paid over 36 Months as Owner Per Month $1,050 $   625 $   125 $   625 $   100 $    50 $   966 $ 3,541 Per year $12,600 $  7,500 $  1,500 $  7,500 $  1,200 $     600 $ 11,592 $ 42,492 $ 127,476 3 Year Cost of Pacific Yachting Club Initial Membership Monthly Dues ($590/mo x 36 mo) Total Paid over 36 Months as PYC Member  $   5,900 $ 21,240 $... read more

The right decision…

Ann, We had the pleasure doing our orientation today with Charlie and just wanted to thank you for having such amazing staff!! He was very informative and took the time to cover everything. We really enjoyed the experience and makes us even more excited to be a part of the PYC family. Everything I saw today confirms we made the right decision to buy into this yach club vs. buying our own boat. Looking forward to creating memories with my family and the PYC. Thank you, Christian and Jill... read more

Emerald Bay

I recently mentioned to a close friend, a local of 40 years, that I had just purchased a boat.  His eyes widened as he grabbed my arm and almost shouted “You need to check out Emerald Bay!” A local myself, I always drive by the Emerald Bay sign on my way to Laguna Beach, not giving it much thought because you can’t see the beach at all from Pacific Coast Highway. The moment he says that, however, I realize the opportunities I have opened myself to— it’s as if in addition to getting a boat, which is awesome in itself, I am also now able to encroach on people’s privacy in a socially acceptable manner!  Emerald Bay is arguably one of the most beautiful, clean, and pristine beaches Southern California has to offer. Access to Emerald Bay, or “E-Bay” as the locals call it, usually comes with a real estate price tag of a cool couple of million dollars. Having a boat gives you the opportunity to enjoy this gorgeous beach without the cost. I call the Pacific Yachting Club office and make a reservation. After, I immediately call my friend and invite him out with us—an invitation he accepts before all the words are even out of my mouth. I have since found that it is easy to get people together when you have a boat.  We get to the dock around 11am, swim trunks on and coffees in-hand. The boat looks great and is clean and ready for our little trip down to Emerald. We start up the engines and push off from the dock, and soon... read more

Boating Adventures

Southern California’s climate and lifestyle allow members to enjoy boating all year around. PYC is constantly looking for unique and popular ways you can experience fun on the water. Boating brings people together to enjoy cruising, watersports, fishing, and a wide array of other enjoyments. It can be a shared hobby, mutual passion, and life-long adventure. Leave a comment about your favorite destinations, restaurants and activities, and try some of these: Plan a Dinner or Cocktail Cruise Few things are more pleasurable than dining aboard a boat while cruising the harbor or coastline. Whether you bring your coffee and doughnuts to watch the sunrise, pack a picnic lunch, wine and cheese to watch the sunset, or make dinner reservations on the waterfront, your appetite for life is enhanced on the water. See our list of dine and dock restaurants, and share yours with us. Enjoy a Nature Cruise Experience nature’s wonders from the deck of a boat. See the creatures that live above, alongside, and beneath the water. Watching dolphins, whales, seals, or schools of fish from a boat offers a new perspective on Pacific Ocean life. Take a Boating Vacation Imagine yourself and loved ones on a fully-equipped powerboat tasting the salt air, a cool breeze tussling your hair, and Catalina Island in your sights. Perhaps San Diego, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Ventura are your ports of call. A few days at sea practically guarantee relaxation and comraderie. Even a grilled sandwich seems to taste better onboard a boat. Whether you drop anchor or tie up dockside at a waterfront resort, boating is an exciting and easy way to... read more

Summer News – 2014

Welcome PYC Members to our bi-monthly travel newsletter highlighting boating destinations, special events, offers, and tips of the trade to make your outings more enjoyable. Send us your stories, photos, and suggestions to share with our PYC community. ON LINE RESERVATIONS NOW AVAILABLE Good news: Now you can reserve your boat online, anytime. For your convenience, you may visit PYC’s website and choose an available boat, day, and time. It’s easy, fast, and efficient. Of course, you can call us during business hours and speak to a PYC representative. Destination: Catalina Island Just 26 Miles from Newport Beach is this ideal boating destination. Fun day trip or overnight get-away! Fun For Everyone There are plenty of things to do for the whole family or group, depending on your available time on Catalina and your interests. For example, there are exceptional hiking and biking trails, 18-holes of golf, miniature golf, disc golf equipment rentals, diving, snorkeling, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, and SCUBA diving, and, of course, the beaches! Descanso Beach Club, with its crystal clear water, offers a private sandy beach, cabana rentals and massages by the sea. Mooring Reservations Santa Catalina Island Company (SCICo) has a new mooring reservation system for its 11 distinctive coves. Reservations are $9.99 each. Log onto “Make a Moorings Reservation” link at and follow the prompts. A three-night minimum is required for holiday and weekend stays. The village of Two Harbors and the secluded coves nearby each have mooring and anchorage options to make the most of your Island experience. SUMMER WEATHER July and August are characterized by daily high temperatures around... read more

NEW! Catalina Mooring Reservations

Santa Catalina Island Company (SCICo) has a new mooring reservation system for  its 11 distinctive coves. Reservations are $9.99 each. Log onto and navigate to “Make a Moorings Reservation” link and follow the prompts. A three-night minimum is required for holiday and weekend... read more